Pictures taken may 2000


Along the Leuven-Mechelen canal stands an impressive building. The name on the wall says "Usines de Stordeur", papers inside the building indicate the company was called "Maiseries de l'Est & Cie" ... a grain elevator (one of the many along the canal).
This place has been empty and rotting for years. If you can climb through a window access is easy but the building is dangerous and tricky : many holes are hidden by all sorts of rubbish.

First time I explored this place was some years ago and it left a memory of stench and pigeon shit. It only got worse over the years : this building really is disgusting : grain rotting away, an almost unbearable stench, dust and dirt, grease and mud, rats, spiders and the omnipresent pigeons make the place highly unpleasant.

I've promised myself this was the last time I'd visit it (until next time)... enjoy the odorless tour.


View from the railway to Brussels. The tracks for the new high speed train are under construction and will pass just next to the main building. A new bridge will span the canal a few 100 meters further.






On the third floor a huge barrel was left behind filled with some sticky paste. Generations of pigeons have died after a deadly curious walk on the thin crust.



The cellars are infested with rats and spiders. Not exactly the place to sit down and enjoy the view.

If you feel attracted to explore abandoned factories, don't start with this one, you'll be disgusted before you start.


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