Photographed May 2001


Turn on your flashlight and venture below!

The cellars, beneath the main building, are not completely dark. Daylight makes its way through small windows at ground level.
There are lots of items left behind. Old fashioned washing machines, boilers, ovens, carts, clothes drying on lines (they must be dry by now!), a variety of tools and the usual trash. The cellars are the best preserved areas of the castle. The atmosphere down here is extraordinary! You feel as though you can almost sense the last living inhabitants (or their ghosts).

One, obscure little door, that I had missed on previous visits, leads to a totally dark chamber; you will need a flash light. A secret exit along a corridor, illuminated through the ceiling, leads to very old cellars with pillars supporting arches. It is very wet and dark here. Who used this secret corridor and for what purpose? 

A light shines at the far end of the corridor, revealing a stairway that leads upstairs.






















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