Photographed May 2001


This ruin remains one of the most fascinating places I've ever visited! The high walls isolate it from the busy and stressful world.

The castle sits a lush park with trees, flowers and tall grass. The birds are singing, the grass is wet with morning dew, yellow buttercups sway lightly in the breeze. This is paradise on earth!

Entering the building, you realize that Mother Nature is taking back what is rightfully hers. Moisture eats away at the inside walls and floors. The wind has blown away parts of the roof. Many species of trees, weeds, and ivy, grow on the outside walls and enter through broken windows.

Over the past few years, the Castle of Mesen has become even more dangerous and unpredictable! Almost all of the wood floors are completely rotten. Many ceilings have collapsed, and only the stone stairways are to be trusted. If you are not careful, your next step could be your last!

Yet, the Castle of Mesen still retains its religious beauty, and noble serenity.


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