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Follow Thomas Pringle to places you would only visit in your dreams ... or nightmares !

If I had to pick just one site, this would be the one : visit the world of almost impossible beauty seen through the artistic eyes of Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre

Harald Finster has been making photographs of abandoned industry since 20 years.
Online since May 2001 and updating almost every week !

He's got an amazing collection of quality photographs of Germany, Belgium and the USA !
Mysterious shadows, intense light ... the blurred dreams of Jason Grant
jason grant
Lost America ... step into the dark and windy Mojave night to meet the ghosts of dying airplanes, abandoned towns, rusty trucks and gas stations moldering away.
troy paiva

lost & least ... a romantic and chaotic site from Italian C.Reger, architect and lover of literature and photography.


Using the camera to defeat the habit of not seeing.

Exploring the Residual Landscape.

Nature transformed through industry. Images that function as reflecting pools of our times.

Discover the work of Edward Burtynsky.

The intensity of the urban landscape, the irregularities it harbours and the sheer power of the individual structures tell of a time of past glories.
Check out Stefan Hoenerloh's website with incredible designs !
Shaun O'Boyle has a beautiful site with colorful and attractive photographs on many subjects, ranging from the rusty "Elephants boatyard" to the gloomy "Seaview Hospital".


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