Murdoch Hall

Photographed spring 2003

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A polite, but suspicious old man dressed as a guard, approached me.

No, I wasn't allowed to take photos without permission. To make a long story short, the director came down, a classy good old fashioned gentleman. He welcomed me as he would his own son.

"Sit down and let me tell you about this building.", he said.

Murdoch Hall was built during the great depression of the 1930's with cheap labor and luxurious materials. The building was the nurses dormitory. It housed hundreds of nurses, next to the hospital.
The nurses are gone now and 90 % of the building is empty. The only visitors nowadays are the homeless and poor, seeking free medical treatment.

He spoke softly, as I dreamt and was swept away in the timeless beauty and serenity of this marvelous building!

















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