Graffiti - Palace

Photographed June 2000


The Graffiti Palace is situated in the industrial area of Gent , along the river Schelde.

It is huge and similar to a village, with streets, parking spaces, a railway, hangars, workshops, and offices. There is a building with a kitchen, cafeteria, banquet room, restrooms, lockers, meeting rooms...
Apart from its size, the most striking feature of this site is the amount of beautiful graffiti! Not just senseless tagging, but real works of art!

Getting in is easy. You can climb the fence, next to the railway. Once inside, the whole place is least that is what I thought, until I found trace of a bum living there. In the corner of one hangar, there was a room with a mattress, dusty carpet, furniture, and lots of plates with (smelly) cat food.
Later on, when I was in another part of the factory, I heard someone walking. It was an old, dirty woman; clearly the one living in that room. I didn't want to scare her, so I shouted "hello, I'm a photographer; don't be afraid, I mean no harm". She turned around, saw me, and couldn't help laughing out loud, asking "you, scaring me? I've seen more frightening characters than you, around here!


... ghost town ... 



I've seen more frightening characters, than you !
















Graffiti Palace

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