Photographed August 2000




Oostduinkerke, a beautiful but busy town on the Belgian coast. 100 years ago it looked like this : a fishermen's village 2 km inland and a dirt road leading to the sea. Shrimp fishermen would travel down this road on their horses and walk up and down the breakers pulling nets. The beauty of the area attracted tourists. Villas were built on the dunes, along with two large hotels, in1900. One of them was the "Grand Hôtel des Dunes".

The Grand Hotel went out of business shortly thereafter. In 1907, the village baker, Honoré Gauquié, bought the place and baptized it the "Grand Hôtel Gauquié".

The hotel has remained almost unchanged, until now. It is a beautiful white building on the corner of the main street; a landmark for Oostduinkerke-beach.

Demolition will begin in November.















the inside ...















the cellar ...












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