Photographed 2000-2001

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The Buda Marly Carcoke Factory has won the battle! The demolition team has been demolished by fire, corrosion and lack of money. One bulldozer has been removed. The caravan is burnt, leaving nothing more than ashes. One last bulldozer sits hopelessly lost on the empty tarmac.

In the meantime, Buda Marly has become a Garden of Eden. There are flowers everywhere and a solemn birch forest hiding what remains of the long concrete structure. Rabbits and birds have made this place their home. One might forget that accidentally swallowing a bit of soil would immediately cause your face to turn purple and green!

After all my visits, Buda Marly has become an old friend. It's funny how I still find new things to see, every time I visit!




























Reflecting on a dying factory

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